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Become an SEO Expert. Master search engine optimization tools and strategies


Completing this course will help you:

This SEO course will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize web pages, just like an SEO specialist.

The course is divided into five main chapters. You’ll learn what SEO is and how search engines rank web pages, why target audience is important and how to choose the best keywords, what the on-page SEO attributes are (all those things that have to be added to a site or modified in order for it to rank better in the search engines), how off-page SEO works (methods for obtaining links and promoting a site) and how to monitor and manage projects.

This course will help you understand SEO and how to use it to make any project more visible on search engines. If you are looking for a career in SEO or just want to learn the strategies that will help you improve your visibility, this is the course for you.

This SEO course takes you from beginner to expert, explaining the SEO process and what steps need to be taken to see the results you want.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for people who want to start an online business, increase their sales by improving their promotion tactics for an existing business, or for those lookinf to start a new career

Learning Path

Welcome! What is SEO?

Course Content

Welcome To SEO Course For Beginners 

The Power OF SEO, How do Search Engine Work?

Audience and how to choose the best keywords

A Practical method for finding the best keywords

Onpage SEO attributes – part one

Onpage SEO attributes – part two

Onpage SEO attributes – part three

Onpage SEO attributes – part four

Recap and Exercise file On-page SEO

Offpage SEO – indexing, promoting and building links

More about links and social influence

Recap and Exercise file Off-page SEO

What Is Technical SEO?

Google Search Console

Site Speed

Mobile Friendy

Structure Data 


Link building methods – part one

Link building methods – part two

How to monitor and manage projects

Recap and Exercise file Link building methods and How to monitor projects

Offpage SEO and Monitoring Quiz

A wrap-up of our course

Why you should learn SEO
SEO is the most in-demand

Digital marketing skill according to Smart Insights &

30,000+ SEO-related jobs

worldwide according to

Average Salary

$69K – $132K Per Annum


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Our People Are Saying!

I enjoyed the course it covers a lot of subjects for SEO.I have done a few SEO courses but none come close to the amount of content and easy to follow instructions like Hamza give on this course..


Ali Hojeij

This course was very easy to understand even for a beginner and I took a lot of great information from it that will help me continue to improve my site’s SEO..


Jamal Barakat

Definitely a recommended course for beginners and/or people who know absolutely nothing about SEO that literally need to be spoon fed the information.. GREAT COURSE!!

Rima Mazlum