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Client | Brigh Pattern Saudi Arabia

Trend over gets B2B Client Ranking with Link Building and Conversion-Focused Design

The Client

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Trend Over 5 Points to Success
Content Strategy

Bright Pattern is a company that offers cloud contact center solutions that allow mid- and enterprise-size businesses to deliver amazing customer experiences across all communications and messaging channels. They are always ahead of the game when it comes to technological innovations and market trends for communication. Bright Pattern invests a lot in research and development so they can bring those innovations to customers and partners all over the

Backlink Profile

Trend over was confident that a highly-scaled backlink acquisition strategy was key to getting Bright Pattern ranking on page 1 for more high-value keywords. Through white-hat, targeted outreach to trade publications with editorial focus on technology, business, software, and entrepreneurship, Trend over built over 775 contextually relevant links for Bright Pattern, a third of which came from referring domains with DA 50.

Page Speed Improvement

Trend over discovered several problems with how our landing pages were made when they did a codebase review, for example, their PSI scores were only 20 on mobile and 40 on desktop. Our developers followed best practices and high-quality coding standards that Trend over put in place to make sure that the new landing pages had PSI scores of 80 or more on both mobile and desktop. Additionally, we migrated the site from its old Digital Ocean droplet environment to a faster enterprise-grade hosting environment with automatic daily backups, one-click site restores, a CDN, and automatic site reviving

On-site SEO Tags

Trend over found some issues with the onsite tags being used on the Bright Pattern website. In a lot of cases, the “rel canonical” was used incorrectly, which stopped some important pages from being indexed properly. Also, Trend over discovered many web pages with title tags that were either duplicates, missing, or not optimized enough.

Content Optimization

Trend over proprietary content optimization tools and strategy discovered that, although Bright Pattern’s landing pages had long-form content, the copy was not well-optimized for the high-value keywords they targeted. By including more necessary Focus Terms (the words and topics our software determined were contextually relevant to their keyword targets), we improved the quality of Bright Pattern’s landing pages for both users and search engines, and saw strong improvement in rankings.

The Results

As a result of Trend over efforts and data-driven strategy, Bright Pattern has experienced stunning improvements across all KPIs since the start of their SEO campaign. Overall, an 121% increase in goal completions sitewide has proved the most impressive and profitable metric and has motivated the client to remain on an annual campaign.

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