How Social Media Marketing Funnels Work

The number of abandoned e-commerce shopping carts account for nearly 70% of all e-commerce shopping carts. Consumers feel confident in making a purchase once they are exposed to 6–8 contact points with your brand.

In times like these, we will often see brands pulling their precious social advertising budget after a few weeks, since they aren’t seeing the results they were expecting. There is no doubt that social media is an extremely powerful tool for building awareness and driving sales.

Social media marketing can be a very important part of driving leads or sales to your business, however, it’s also important to zoom out and see how it fits into the overall strategy and where you can most effectively use your budget when it comes to social media marketing.

There is no doubt that every person has different purchasing habits, but marketers have evolved a strategy that has worked for many years to increase conversions by guiding consumers through what’s called a sales or marketing funnel. But before I tell you about that, I have a confession to make.

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My cart has been abandoned a lot, too. I’ll admit it. Just this week, I went to purchase a pair of shoes from GOAT, and while they were already out of my financial range, I put them in my shopping cart and even added my contact information and credit card number to my cart. I was so desperate for these shoes, I added them to my cart even though they were out of my budget.

My attention was caught by the final button for placing the order, but I couldn’t bring myself to click it. The next day, I started to see ads in my Instagram stories and even received an email saying that I forgot to check out. After weighing the matter for a few days, I made the decision to go ahead and buy the product.

There is no doubt that the steps I went through aren’t all that much different from those of many online shoppers, and marketers are aware of this. That’s why they create campaigns for every stage of this buying procedure.

In the course of their visit to your brand, many of your customers will find themselves exposed to an awareness campaign, but not all of them will follow through and make a purchase as a result of learning more about the product and making an actual purchase. It is possible to send specific messages to specific individuals during their journey through the purchasing process with social media because it makes it very easy to do so.

In order to explore possible solutions for each of the funnel steps, let’s go through each one together and look at possible steps to take.

Creating brand awareness is an important part of business

Is it possible to increase brand awareness? That’s where really good content comes in handy. You’ve probably seen videos or images pop up in your news feed showcasing products from companies that you haven’t even heard of. In order to increase the visibility of your brand and its content, brand awareness campaigns aim to reach as many potential clients as possible.

You shouldn’t become discouraged if you don’t see any conversions come through right away when it comes to measuring the success of brand awareness campaigns. It is quite common for people not to be ready to make a purchase on their first visit, but they may be willing to click on the ad and visit your website in order to complete their purchase. These are the ones who will move on to the next step.

Throughout the buying process, nurture your customers until they become a customer

You’re kinda getting people, at the very least, through to this stage after someone clicks on a brand awareness ad. At this point, it’s really important to get people through. Facebook has developed a pixel that you can add to your website, which allows you to track how people interact with your website as they click on your ad through till they leave your website. The pixel tracks the activity of your users from the moment they click on your ad until they leave your website.

As soon as they have this information, they share it with you and you can do whatever you want with it.

It is evident that there are several different people who visit our website. There are some people who click on your link accidentally and then exit the website immediately; we call those people bouncers. Another type of visitor is the one who scrolls through the homepage and then sees the prices or the fact that the product isn’t of interest to them, and then leaves immediately. In addition, you have the people who wander around and browse through different pages for a few minutes.

There are many ways to make money online. Some people will just shop around, add a few items to their cart, and if they are lucky, you might get a conversion like me – they will enter their credit card and email information. And then, of course, you have the golden conversions, those people who actually purchased without needing much coddling from you.

If we are talking about nurturing customers through the buying process, this on its own will have multiple levels as it will require that you send different messages to each of the different people that you need to nurture in order to be successful.

It is likely that you will want to send out some more brand awareness messages to those individuals who came and went very quickly. However, if you have a lot of customers who have spent a lot of time browsing through, say, skirts, you might like to show them the different skirts you offer by having them view a carousel of them.

Social media marketing & retargeting is certainly going to work for the people who have put items in their cart, but email campaigns can come in very handy here as well, since you can keep them in the loop about their cart by sending them an email reminding them about it. If you really want to get them to convert, you can even offer them a 25% off coupon or some other kind of offer.

Loyalty to brands and their products

There are a lot of reasons why you should keep a customer once you have made one, because keeping a customer can be much more cost-effective than finding a new one. Acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times as much as retaining a current one.

Then, after you get their email, you can send them discounts, special offers, or just keep in touch with them frequently, reminding them that you’re still the one who knows them so well! Aside from incentivizing these people to leave reviews, you can also give them the chance to create user-generated content, which you can then share with new customers.

The importance of social proof in the buying process should not be underestimated. When it comes to convincing people to buy your product or service, a good word about it will go a long way when it comes to making people want to buy it.

Social Media Marketing Aims and objectives

In addition to the Facebook Pixels that are mentioned above, there are also other ways to target people to your website, as well as other ways to make everyone aware of what you are doing.

Among the best audiences to use is called a Lookalike Audience. After downloading a file that contains all the email addresses you have gathered from past purchases, you give them to Facebook. By collecting data from 5 billion people, they are able to construct a target audience of people whose interests and purchasing behaviors are similar to those of the individuals who have already made an online purchase.

The same can be achieved by creating a lookalike audience based on the people that have engaged with your page or are following it.

Additionally, you have the option of creating your own audiences that you can customize according to a variety of factors, such as age, gender, location, interest, behaviors, and so on.

There is no doubt that the funnel is an effective strategy that has seen a lot of success over the years. The content and messaging that each brand has to offer will have to be tailored to each stage of the buying process, which is why it’s impossible for them to see them come through immediately when it comes to conversions.

There are many brands that get frustrated when their advertising budgets are being sucked up by Facebook and become discouraged if their efforts do not yield the desired results. It takes time and effort to gather your website visitors’ information and nurture them through the stages of purchasing when it comes to funnel campaigns. Patience is key when it comes to funnel campaigns.

There is no need to give up too soon! I suggest giving campaigns three months before giving up and spending $500/month on them before giving up.

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