How to generate 6-figure sales in just

12 months

with Facebook and Google ads?
Client " Bike shop

Getting Started Google ads

In the pre-pandemic period of 2020, the owners of Biketime shop contacted us about having a website and expanding their business to the online market. At that moment, there were few competitors in the sector, who have been selling online with a success. 

The goal in the beginning

was to develop the already started online store, but which wasn’t finished properly, had some major bugs and wasn’t mobile friendly

Another challenge was to decide from which of the 15 physical stores to connect the online shop and synchronize it with the warehouse software, which took time.

The best chance we discovered when we examined the Google Ads information, was that they had been running their ads for more than a year so they had gathered a lot of data. The only difficulty was, they were not using it. In fact, they were using the same broad match keywords they started with more than a year ago. Many of the advertising clicks they were paying for were for searches that had nothing to do with services they provided.



After everything was completed with the website, it was time to prepare the online campaigns. At that moment, the pandemic has already hit the world and Varna was no exclusion from the situation. Strict measures, only supermarkets, pharmacies and banks were open. This was the perfect storm for us to grow the potential of Biketime shop

Action Plan

After we did a research on keywords, search volume and having some insights of the online food ordering sector in the area, we’ve created a long-term strategy based on Google search, Google ads, Display ads and Facebook performance ads.

At that moment, one competitor in the retail sector had already been performing advertising campaigns for the past 2 years and had taken over 85% of the market.

After a 12-month period advertising in Google and Facebook, here are the results:

2.93 $
88000 $

After a 12-month period advertising in Google and Facebook, here are the results:

Google ads

Total orders

For the Period of 2021.

$ 100

Average sales per month

$ 100

Total Sales